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Smart Facial Recognition Based Time, Attendance & Rostering Management Solution.

Looking for a better management tech aid to digitize time, attendance tracking, rostering? You have landed on the right page.

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What do we offer?

A cut-above solution to cater to all your business automation needs where you need accuracy, convenience, & boost in productivity. Choose Koyyo for focused business transformation in several walks of your business. We have curated, simplified, and automated the most time-taking business processes like rostering, employee management, and visitor access management. Isn’t that awesome?

Automation & Convenience Delivered

Time And Attendence

Our dedicated GPS-enabled mobile app allows employees to clock in & clock out with ease and in turn, keeps you updated on the employees’ whereabouts. Do more with the tech aid you need to boost productivity.

Easy Rostering Management

We are proud to present our best work: Rostering & Scheduling solution. With our premium solution, you are one decision away from saving time & tons of money along with getting incredible features like precise demand forecasting, streamlined staff rostering, employee self-service, and seamless job assignment.

GPS For Mobile

AI-enabled attendance solutions are for free up to 100 employees. Our GPS-enabled mobile app allows employers to register at ease & track employees’ attendance with a click. Smooth, convenient, & efficient!

Access Control And Visitor

Be in control of who is allowed to access your premises with our carefully designed access control solution. It has integrated relay controllers & state-of-the-art facial recognition technology so you know who is on the door always and can authorize or deny entry at your choosing.

Why Koyyo?

We are your bridge for a swift leap in the future. Join hands with us and enter the world where technology never fails to aid your growth, boost your productivity, save your money, and protect you. This age belongs to the simulated intelligence, we will take you by hand on the journey of a digital business transformation. mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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