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Koyyo - Save Losses and Increase Efficiency

Automation has become an essential part of our life. It not only saves our time but it also is accurate and effective. At koyyo, we possess a bunch of enthusiastic professionals who will initiate a quick digital transformation of your business to ease your frustrations. Be it rostering, employee management, or security of your premises, Koyyo will make everything simple for you.


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Results oriented

Koyyo is an industry-leading innovative AI facial recognition solution for employers to manage employee attendance, rostering and visitors.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Here, Every professional are highly skilled and experienced. At Koyyo, We share the same visionary dream about altering the old ways by initiating a digital transformation.

Our values


We believe in authentic and qualitative services. We provide services that stand out from the crowd.


At Koyyo, We are extremely harmonious with our clients as well as with our employees.


We wholeheartedly appreciate the hard work done by our employees. Without them, we've never been here.


We are proud of the fact that the services we provide are clean as crystal.


Our ability to comply with our client's needs and their appraisal is what encourages us to work our best.


Our services are extremely effective as well as compliant with the client needs for their well being.

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Manoj Kholia

Chief Executive Officer

Abhishek Mudgal

Marketing - Lead

Susan Cox

Chief Financial Officer
Susan is CFO at Stratus, where she leads the finance, facilities, and information technology teams across all locations nationwide.

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