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AI-Based Facial Recognition Mobile App with GPS Tracking

Koyyo mobile app For Staff allows employers to register to seamlessly register and track the attendance of the employees on the ground with GPS Tracking device -enabled functionality.
It is Free forever up to 100 Employees*
Facial Recognition Based time attendance management system

Facial Recognition Based Attendance

Step into the world of technology with smart AI-enabled attendance solutions. Koyyo mobile app For Staff allows employees to mark their attendance with our facial recognition feature. The mobile app enables your employees to stay active even when they are working from home or attending an out-of-town meeting.

GPS Enabled Device

Improve your sales staff productivity by keeping in touch with the field staff activity with GPS Tracking device. You can have your eyes on the ground while you stay in the office and focus on the core business activities.
GPS Enable Device | koyyo.co

Rostering and Scheduling Updates

Keep your employees posted on their shift timings and new schedules. This allows you to save on all the losses and boost productivity.


Easy to track records

Koyyo gives hassle-free ways to register employees. The employer or HR team now has handy records to review at any time.

Easy to track records | koyyo.co

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