Timesheet and attendance

Timesheet and Attendance

Be in sync with your workforce’s whereabouts from any place under the sun with Koyyo’s advanced facial recognition attendance system and dedicated mobile app that facilitates employees’ clock in and out swiftly with Time Sheet Management System.

Time Sheet Management System

100% Contactless Facial Recognition System

Koyyo allows employees to clock in and clock out with AI-powered facial recognition technology that reports when false recognitions are found in Time Sheet Management System. Once your employees are registered with a picture via web app, they can quickly mark their attendance via mobile, tablet, or wall-mounted facial recognition devices.

Mark Attendance within 0.5 seconds

Fast-forward your attendance regime and implement our AI-enabled solution to save on the administrative costs. Our smart and modern AI enabled facial recognition solution is optimized to minimize the attendance marking time to less than 0.5 seconds.
Time Sheet Management System

No buddy punching with Proxy Detection

Upto 74% of employers experience payroll losses due to buddy clocking, not anymore though. With facial recognition you can positively identify your employees and get accurate photographic audit trail to stamp out buddy punching and time theft.

Cloud Based System to Manage Remotely

Koyyo offers a cloud based system that allows the remote management of staff and timesheets. With a few clicks, managers can get all reports and track the accurate work hours. This method builds an environment of integrity without having to keep a watch or without requiring to keep a manual track of employees.

Salient Features

Innovation is the solution to all your stress and recurring payroll costs losses in form of our advanced timesheet and rostering management solutions.

Seamless Payroll Integrations

Manually feeding the payroll system with the timesheet data is prone to errors. Koyyo offers seamless integration with XERO, Myob, and Reckon while many others are underway.

Integrated Visitor Management

First impressions count! Koyyo includes a visitor management system that uses automated facial recognition to grant access to visitors. In a few clicks, you can pre-authorize upcoming visitors.

Simple Reports

Koyyo provides various ad-hoc, on-demand, and automated reports to help you keep track of staff attendance. Businesses can receive daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly reports via email.

Hardware Integrations

We believe in innovation. Koyyo has already integrated with Access controllers, temperature devices, etc. while the integrations with various other hardware devices are also in their roadmap.

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