Visitor management

Visitor management

Ensure a Safe, Secure and Simple access for your Visitors


First impressions count!

Koyyo's technologically advanced company visitor management system uses automated facial recognition to grant access to visitors. Do away with tedious manual sign-in processes and deploy a self-service visitor management system. No more security guards manning the doors, no entries to old logbooks. Koyyo's solution provides an unexpectedly warm welcome, with instant automated access in a fraction of a second. Secured

Assured Privacy and Notifications

Your visitor data is saved in a secure environment, meaning an increased level of privacy and data protection that is in line with recent changes to worldwide privacy regulations. Koyyo's visitor management system can notify pre-specified individuals such as managers, security, or employees when a visitor has arrived or accessed a specific area of your premises. Gone are the days when you have to make time-consuming phone calls to locate a team member or visitor. Our system keeps you up to date with the live real-time information that you need.

Visitor Record-keeping

In Pandemic times, it has been mandated to keep visitor records for contact tracing. Staying safe and securely storing the customer or visitor data is the major challenge. Koyyo offers a secure cloud visitor management system that can be used for contact tracing. You can go live in 2 minutes and generate/print QR codes for one or multiple sites. Customers can simply scan and fill in the required details. It also includes a free plan for retailers and restaurants with shop-front.

Other Features

Footfall Analytics

Koyyo offers a range of analytics to help you make business decisions. Footfall analytics helps you analyze the sites with maximum footfall.

Visitor Tracking

With Covid around, businesses need to keep a track of visitors' entry and exit. With no fuss, tracing the visitors is simple in Koyyo.


Go contactless with facial recognition and avoid all the possible points of contact to stay safe and healthy.

QR Visitor Management

A unique QR Code for each site allows businesses to track their visitors without requiring them to capture their facial information.

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