Our Exponential Products

Timeclock solutions

Track, manage and report on employees working hours, absences, schedules, etc.

Security solutions

Authorise, monitor and manage your employee's access to your organisation's premises.

Visitor management solutions

Fluently Manage your visitors by allowing/ disallowing visitors within your premises

Effective attendance management.

Time and attendance solutions

The employees are enabled to register their attendance through a mounted iPad, it will automatically scan their faces and relay the information to the cloud.
High-level security management

Security management solutions

Control access by opting for facial scanning instead of card or fingerprint sensor embedded technology. Only their face will be the key to getting an entry.
Avoid the problematics

Visitor management solutions

Keep a constant tab on your visitors. You can allow a visitor to enter within your premises by pre-authorising his entry.
Go all contactless

Visitor Record solutions

The organisation's need to keep a record of visitors' information for contact tracing is extremely necessary. We assist you to collect and storing information securely and easily.
All in one

Integrated Mobile App Solutions

It enables you to access the sophisticated information of your organization and to keep your employees in the loop by relaying the organisation's announcements and notices to their smartphones.
Our Extensive Expertise

Solutions to enhance your business

With our one-stop platform, you can effectively manage your staff timesheet, Access Controls, Monitor and Evaluate Visitors to keep your premises safe and sound.


Look through each and every recorded timesheet, rostering to ensure accurate payroll.


Encrypt your sensitive information in a secure location to avoid data theft.


Highly accurate facial recognition time and attendance system in order to manage staff and timesheets.


Extremely resilient innovative solutions to scan a large group of people at once.


Extraordinary integration with user directories, payroll systems along Access control systems gives you an all-in-one solution


High level security services to transform your premises into a fortress give you and your employees utmost security.